our Story

There was a time not so long ago when the world was far more innocent than it is today. They call it the 90s…

Like most millennials, this was the decade of our childhood. It was a time of relative peace and prosperity in much of the world. The cold war had ended (along with history itself by some accounts), and in our own countries, South Africa & Venezuela, things seemed to be moving more or less in the right direction.

Like just about every kid ever to grow up on Earth, we thought of our planet as a stable home whose health and ability to provide did not depend on the whims of humanity.

Our daughter was born at the height of a global pandemic in late 2020, at time when our prospects of avoiding potentially civilization ending climate & biodiversity catastrophes were arguably even worse than they are right now. Her childhood (and countless others) will take place in a far more uncertain world than the one we grew up in.

Her arrival isn’t what woke us up to this fact, but it did inject a next-level sense of urgency into our thinking. We already knew that the best time to act was the 60s, when the first major warnings about climate change were sounded and our parents were still in diapers. Besides, we’d both been attempting to live low-impact lifestyle for years.

In fact, since we met in 2017 we’d been pushing each other to new levels when it came to making sustainable lifestyle choices.

Sure, we sometimes felt guilty that in our *dream* job as underwater videographers filming NatGeo worthy stuff in one of the most incredible places in the entire ocean we spent a lot of time enjoying nature and less than we’d like ensuring it’s survival.

In fact, there were times it began to make our dream taste a little bitter sweet.

But we always soldiered on and tried our best to play our part, be it through creating awareness through art, sticking to a mostly vegan diet, trying to live a low-impact lifestyle, joining beach cleanups, and more. We also had the obligatory quarterly climate anxiety breakdowns that are a rite of passage for all self respecting “greenies”. Heck, we’ve even considered giving up on sustainability and becoming preppers on several occasions.

But the day that little person arrived into the world, we knew that we had to get more involved. We may have been willing to lie to ourselves, but we knew right away that one day wanted to be able to look her straight in the eye and say “we did everything we could”. We’re still a long way from being able to live up to those words, and we know if we’re going to then this website will just be one piece of the puzzle.

Sustainablast is our attempt to use our skills, knowledge and passion to contribute to the change that MUST take place if our species is to continue enjoying a home that is not only indescribably beautiful, but that also provides us with EVERYTHING that we could ever need. The task is immense. We need to fundamentally change the way we produce and consume just about everything. We need a new economy and a new way of life. But most of all, we need to change our mindset.

It’s time to leave culture wars behind and realize that the greatest struggle in the history of our species, and potentially the actual end of history (at least for us human beings) is upon us.

We’ve accidentally lurched into a new (and far more dangerous) geological epoch that’s so covered in our fingerprints that we had to name it after ourselves – hello, Anthropocene.

Just as terrifyingly, we’re witnessing the begging of a mass extinction event that is basically a slow motion version of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, with humanity playing the part of the gigantic space rock. 

The logical response once these facts actually sink in is normally anxiety, depression, panic, or some combination of these.

We’ve personally experienced the entire spectrum. Fortunately (and it took us s while to realize this), there’s one massive counterbalancing factor. The moment that the last person gives up hope and downs tools, it really be all over. But until then, we have every right to that indulge ourselves in that most ephemeral of intoxicants that we like to call hope. Along with love and compassion, it’s just as much a part of being human as the negative traits that’s have brought us to this point.

We should never stop spreading it, not should we forget that’s it it’s a taste that turns bitter without a hearty serving of get off your ass and do something!